Ar nosurge Plus features a large number of new costumes.
This extensive lineup is sure to please both new players and veterans alike!
① The 4 main characters (Delta, Earthes, Ion, Casty) all get new costumes!
② Even more costumes for these 4 characters are unlocked after finishing the game!
③ Additional Purification characters with new purification outfits!
Additional costume DLC is planned as a bonus for early buyers.
There are a huge number of costumes!
*The images displayed are from the Japanese PS3 version of "Ar nosurge".
Additional "Purification" characters have appeared at last.
Here's a gallery of some of the costumes they wear during Purification!
Sarly Planck
Ar nosurge Plus features many new costumes.
This gallery shows costumes that the 4 heroes and heroines can wear from the start!
This gallery features costumes unlocked for the 2 heroes and 2 heroines after clearing the game!
These are arrangements of costumes worn by characters in "Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia"!
You should definitely give the game another go with these nostalgic yet new costumes.
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